Sunday, May 4, 2008

Heat coloring copper- the "Empty Bowls" series

I"ve started doing some great new copper pendants, the series is called "Empty Bowls"- I am cutting and doming copper discs and coloring them in my glass torch. The high heat brings out gorgeous colors: red, blue, green, purple, rainbow iridescence.... i LOVE it. I am a little obsessed at the moment with making them. Luckily, at my latest show, people really responded well to them, so having a lot of them was a good thing.

After taking the bowls through the furthest back part of the flame until the color is just right, I put them in the fridge (good advice I got in the Etsy forums) and then once they're cool, i seal them with Renaissance wax. This keeps the color true. I am really excited about the possibilities of the new line. I am going to send some item sheets to some major catalogs, and well, cross my fingers! Wish me luck!